Best Portable DVD Player For Car

While buying the portable DVD player you have to look into various essential elements like the screen size, quality of the picture, dimension, price, battery life, etc. In this article, we have listed the top 5 best portable DVD player for car 2016 in the following section which will enable you to make your choice.

Best portable DVD player for car 2016

Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD player


The Sony FX930 can be the best portable DVD player for the car which is equipped with various features that satisfied the need for watching a film. You can be able to fix it easily in your car without making much effort.
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Argos 10 inch DVD player


The Argos portable DVD player is great for long journeys which stock extended battery life and suitable for all kinds of traveling. You can make your desired journey with the help of this DVD player and fits easily in your car. The screen size is quite bigger thus your film or video will look amazing without any issues.

Panasonic DMP-B100

The portable DVD player from this company is equipped with all the essential features which enable you to make your trip pleasant. It comes with 9 inches screen that let you view the movies with premium image quality than the usual definition players.

Philips PET7402A portable DVD player

The portable DVD player from Philips enables you to have a pleasant time while traveling. It allows you to watch many films in high definition. This LCD display screen lets you indulge in enjoying your music, movies, photos on the road. Philips PET7402A is compatible with most of the DVD and CD disks available in the market which is not offered by most of the other ones.

Toshiba SDP74S


The Toshiba SDP74S portable DVD monitor enables you to enjoy your favorite film or pictures or video with high quality. The screen size is quite bigger when compared to other ones thus suitable for viewing brightly pictures.
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